mexec memo September 2021

“You’re on mute!” We all thought this was just a 2020 catchcry but unfortunately, it’s worked its way into 2021. A phrase that we’d all hoped would be replaced this year by “so good to see you in person!”Whilst most of us can’t bump into colleagues old and new at industry events (the obligatory glass of … Read more

Canva CV templates – a recruiter’s perspective

As recruiter I review 100s of CVs. Many of them are excellent, however many I see are filled with information that is irrelevant to the role being applied to or don’t provide enough information. Others have great content but are just really poorly laid out. Full of errors in spelling and grammar that distract from … Read more

mexec memo June 2021

If the 2020 word of the year was ‘pandemic’ then surely for 2021 it would have to be ‘perseverance.’ Across the industry I’ve seen companies change business strategies, speakers and panellists sharing how they’ve persevered and pushed through, their ability to keep going despite obstacles. It’s great seeing companies forging ahead to reach their goals, … Read more

Leadership and Culture – The 13 Day Jobs of Marilyn Jones

Recently, I was invited to speak at an industry masterclass on culture and leadership, being asked to draw on my own experiences and share them with the audience. While I’m happy to chat to others about their careers, I am not a great ad libber when it comes to talking about myself so in preparation … Read more