Social Media Knowhow

Where does social media fit in today’s mexec jobstrategy ™ for employees?

Companies are searching for the best available candidates in the market that they can find.

Many clients don’t advertise and may only search social media for their next employee.

Alternatively, if they advertise, it may only be on one of the social media sites such as Twitter or LinkedIn.

mexec even have candidates that have done videos of themselves to showcase their professional presentation skills and to summarise their expertise.

Having a presence on social media is becoming an essential part of the mexec jobstrategy™ journey.

LinkedIn Profile Writing & Training

LinkedIn is one of the world’s most rapidly growing networks for professionals.

Now is the time to take advantage of the competitive edge that a professionally written profile can provide.

mexec can tailor a profile to your industry and ensure you can connect and access the hidden job market opportunities.

Contact us to discuss the individually based one on one updates and training we provide.

Expand your network, connect with us!

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