Growing Your Network

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Guest Blog by Mark Thomas It’s no secret of recruitment that your network has tremendous value. Through building your personal and professional networks, you can create a lasting, tangible asset to develop your career further.  ‘Networking’ is commonly used to describe the activities and interactions we undertake to establish new connections, exchange knowledge and information, … Read more

mexec Clear Vision For The Future

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Here at mexec, we pride ourselves on being specialists in the life science, medtech, pharmaceutical & technology sectors. We must remain at the top of our game to maintain our prominent position within the industry. With this goal in mind, the entire mexec team gathered in Melbourne recently to refine our vision of mexec’s future … Read more

Own Your Wealth Of Experience


We have several candidates in the latter years of their working life that we assist at mexec who raise the concern of ageism when considering a job opportunity and preparing their application.  My advice is always to own your wealth of experience; don’t try to hide it. Sometimes, we can be our own worst enemy … Read more

I, Recruiter


A cautionary blog by Mark Thomas of mexec Improvements in the efficiency and affordability of artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud-based computing have created an abundance of tools, software, and services for the recruitment industry. The industry has largely embraced these as they have significant potential to enhance staff efficiency and productivity, improve the quality of … Read more

Are we going to be in the same place in 5 years’ time?

Are we going to be in the same place in 5 years' time?

I have been fortunate to travel quite a lot recently to several different conferences in the MTP sector across Australia. It’s been great to be out and about again to develop my knowledge further and meet with companies and new potential candidates. (MTP = medical technologies, biotechnologies and pharmaceuticals sectors) MTAA – Medtech Conference – … Read more

3 What & Whys – Part 2

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I recently discussed the 3 Big Whys to consider in your job search and hiring strategies for you and your business. The list of items that I can talk about keeps on growing each year.  Today, I would like to highlight three more questions that have been asked of me by candidates when hiring for … Read more

Do you DO what you say you’re going to DO?

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One of the many complaints I hear from candidates is about their managers promising they will do a specific task for them, and then they don’t actually DO it. ‘They said they would do x … but it never happened.’ I also have personal experience with this, and it cost my business unit significant money … Read more

Dear Employers that are hiring,

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“On yer bike…” I am upset, and I have had enough, but what can I do? The new bike I had ordered in January, which was going to arrive in March and then in April, is now not coming. When I rang on Friday to see where it was, they could not find the order. … Read more

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