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Global Talent Program

Established as part of the Australian Government’s JobMaker Plan, the Global Talent Visa (GTV) Program is an initiative to bring highly skilled talent into Australia. With the health and life sciences industry identified as a priority sector, the GTV program makes bringing exceptionally talented individuals into the Australian healthcare workforce easier and faster.

Australia is ranked as the 3rd more popular work destination globally and 1st in the APAC region.

Learn more about the Global Talent Visa Program

Marilyn Jones from mexec and Sarah Thapa from The Migration Agency discuss the Australian Global Talent Visa.

Learn about some of the services mexec offers and how we can help you move to Australia with the Global Talent Visa.

What is it? How does it work? Who can qualify? Find out more and you may be on your way to Australia in no time!

Accessing the Global Talent Pool

Now is the time for businesses and organisations to access the global talent pool and bring internationally recognised individuals to Australia.

The Global Talent Visa Program can assist an organisation by:

  • Fast-tracking individuals with outstanding achievements to gain permanent residency for work or study
  • Improving diversification and building connections with global markets
  • Strengthening our world-leading clinical trial, medical research and product development, manufacturing and commercial capabilities.

Attracting Exceptional Individuals – Who’s Eligible?

Advancements for driving innovation, credentials and expertise make the Australian health and life sciences industry an attractive destination for exceptional individuals.

The Global Talent Visa Program provides a migration pathway for individuals who:

  • Are highly skilled with an international record of outstanding achievement in their field; and
  • Have been nominated by an eligible Australian company, organisation or individual within the same field; and
  • Can attract an annual salary in Australia (or have the potential to earn in future) at or above the Fair Work Australia high-income threshold of AUD158,500 p.a.

This permanent visa allows individuals of any age and their immediate family members to stay in Australia indefinitely as permanent residents.

A Fast-tracked, Streamlined Path to Permanent Residency

The Global Talent Visa is unlike a standard work visa. These premium visas follow a fast-track process and, for high-value applicants, include ‘concierge-style’ support with a dedicated Global Talent Officer assigned to an individual’s application.

The streamlined process allows successful individuals to rapidly and seamlessly start work in Australia, with most GTV applications processed through this pathway in less than 3 months.

mexec and The Migration Agency – Your Partners in Sourcing Global Talent

With expertise in sourcing global talent and understanding immigration visa requirements, mexec and The Migration Agency have joined forces to assist you and your organisation in navigating the Global Talent Visa program.


mexec works with you to understand your business requirements and, using their extensive network and international talent database, helps you find the most suitable, highly skilled candidate for your organisation.

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The Migration Agency then offers end-to-end case management to help the candidate effortlessly and efficiently obtain their visa, including assistance with preparation for application submission and liaising with the Department of Home Affairs.

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