3 big Whys to consider in your job search

I am fortunate to be able to recruit some amazing positions for companies in science, health and technology. Companies that are developing new drugs and devices, or companies supporting those that are.

Overall, I see that things are picking up in the health and technology sector as far as new positions go, which is great, but it’s sad and frustrating that many candidates are still letting themselves down in regard to representing themselves appropriately, or not seeking GOOD advice.

I thought this month I would highlight a few examples of what I heard a number of times recently from candidates and reflect on them so that you can think about them in your job search.

‘But I was told a CV should only be 2 pages 

This is a biggie lately. And again, I say why?

If the client asks for it then yes. But if not, do you have enough room to actually articulate your expertise and get the right key words in there to be deemed suitable in 2 pages? 3-5 pages is still fine.

3-5 pages is accepted for resumes and for academics an additional appendix with your publications and other academic successes is still absolutely fine.

A board CV would be an exception and should be only 2-3 pages. However, that is different to an executive or normal CV and needs to be also articulated differently.

‘‘I was told I don’t need a cover letter anymore.’

So, the job ad asks for one, BUT I will send through my CV without one… Why did you not send the cover letter?

A cover letter can be instrumental in highlighting your key capabilities in summary for the role and  allows you to differentiate you from others. It also shows that you have read the role through and know what it’s actually asking for.  I know, I read a lot of them.

 If they ask for it, please follow the request, it’s there for a reason. I can quote a client this month ‘if they don’t write a cover letter, I bin their CV. They are not showing me that they can take direction, if they don’t do what I ask now, what are they going to be like in the job?’ Everything you do in every step of an application infers what you could be like. Follow the directions at all times.

But I was told this is what I should do’

My question back to you is ‘by who & why do you think that is the best way to go’? Often candidates can’t articulate actually who from (or don’t want to). Is this information current and up to date? Is the ‘Chinese whisper’ effect applied to their advice? i.e. has the advice been elaborated or changed to something incorrect that you then follow blindly as correct?

Don’t just talk to one person about your career path, CV or job search. Talk to many, your friend’s parents, former boss, supervisors, but not just one person. Don’t take one person’s word as gospel and please question ‘the why’ on the advice given each time.   

Unfortunately, we at mexec are unable to recruit everyone into a new role directly. We do however have a way that we can assist you with these WHYS. We have developed the mexec jobstrategy™ program that can help you secure that new career opportunity you are looking for.

Reach out to Sue so she can undertake a 15-minute free consultation regarding your CV and job search strategy and help you with the Whys above, plus many more aspects and practicalities of reaching your next career opportunity. No obligation to go further whatsoever.

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