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I have advertised a number of roles in the last few weeks and there have been very few phone calls.

Why am I concerned? All of the roles have phone calls and good communication skills as part of the role. Particularly for human resources and sales roles – no one called for nearly three weeks. I have my phone number there for you. So, why do you not call? I’m really interested to know why.

Is it because you don’t think employers will reply? All the other recruiters and employers don’t so you have given up. Perhaps you don’t like using the phone? Email is less intrusive and easier anyway. Are you only pressing send in case you look okay for the role and the “gods” will decide if it’s your lucky day (along with the other 100-plus people that are wasting their time and ours)? Do you just get the bots normally anyway? It can be okay but you would rather deal with a person so you don’t bother as it normally takes half an hour to get an answer anyway. Are there other reasons?

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