mexec memo February 2023

Happy new year…
Ok, I know it’s nearly March, but if we haven’t caught up yet, then its ok to say!
I feel like we are starting to return to normal… ie not so reactive, we can start to plan. Do you feel the same?

  • I have candidates applying to roles and calling me. At times in COVID we had NO applicants for roles at all.
  • Clients actually hiring for the future – ie not just in case, or for getting through COVID, but for future growth.
  • Being able to book in times for conferences and meetings and planning for the year is so great. 

Rather than hear from me all the time, this month I am really pleased to have my fabulous colleague Mark Thomas give some great insights with his ‘mexec musings’. He is my right-hand person and Resourcer for roles and contact for all things mexec. Please reach out and say hi to [email protected] anytime.

Cheers Marilyn!


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Latest Marilyn’s Musing

I, Recruiter

i recruiter

A cautionary blog by Mark Thomas of mexec 

Improvements in the efficiency and affordability of artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud-based computing have created an abundance of tools, software, and services for the recruitment industry. These have been largely embraced by the industry as they have significant potential to enhance staff efficiency and productivity, improve quality of hires, increase profitability, and reduce bias in the recruiting process. However, as with all new technologies, there are downsides to using AI software in recruitment that should be carefully considered moving forward. In this blog post, I will explore some of these ideas and give my own perspective on how they could be approached. 

Click here to continue reading the full Musing which includes Mark’s tips on how recruiters increase productivity but maintain personal connections.

Other articles that might be of interest to you:

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newsletter image

Current Opportunities

Executive & Management:

Chief Scientific Officer

Senior Director, Clinical Development

Experienced – Senior Level Opportunities:

Clinical Genomics Sales Manager 

Mid Level Opportunities:

Recruitment Resourcer – Scientific & Healthcare

Services Lead – Digital Health 

Product Manager – Genomics 

Field Service Engineer – Melbourne 

Loan Kit Associate

Executive Assistant

We’ve filled a lot of roles recently with roles filling quickly. To make sure you don’t miss out on your ideal role create a job alert via our new website.


Company Profile

WEHI logo colour


Great to catch up with the WEHI team 

We were so pleased to be able to recently place three new team members and thus contribute to building a critical capability essential to the translation of WEHI’s discoveries into improvement in disease diagnosis, prevention and treatment



mexec memberships

mexec is proud to partner with organisations. We believe that partnerships ensure that here at mexec we are embedded in the sector, therefore know it better and thus know the right questions to ask when recruiting candidates. 

Today we highlight our recent partnership with CCRM.


CCRM Australia accelerates the commercialisation of regenerative medicine therapies and related technologies. They do this by providing specialist expertise, funding opportunities and connections between industry, clinicians, researchers, and other key stakeholders. 

View More

Industry News

Lorne Wrap Up

Did you know that if you excise ¾ of a mouse’s liver, within 2 weeks it will have grown back completely? I look forward to hearing future developments and the impacts for patients.

I have been at the Lorne Conferences for 10 days. Proteomics, Proteins, Cancer and Genome. I loved the learning, 10 days of ‘university on steroids’ is what I would call the experience.

See below some of the other insights out of 100s that I gained.
My key take aways.

  • Immunology is a different language. Genomics is a different language. Proteomics is a different language. Lipidomics is a different language. Glycomics is a different language… Its all different languages, however, its amazing to see the cross overs rather than silos.
  • Science is tough. You have to keep up if you really want to make a difference in science and impact patients.

Wolves and dingos cannot do puppy dog eyes

lorne images2

Sucralose is big business and does have an effect

lorne images4

The food pyramid has changed a bit in the last 40 years

lorne images3

There are just a few things you need to learn to be a scientist

lorne images

Addressing skills shortages in key industries and rebuilding the international education sector 

Read the joint media release with Hon Jason Clare MP


oxfam banner

Associate Professor Jen Martin is challenging herself this year by walking the Oxfam Trailwalker 2023 event – 100kms in 40 hours!

The funds raised support; working with First Peoples to achieve the change they seek, empowering women and girls to earn, learn and lead, ensuring justice for communities impacted by the climate crisis and empowering communities to lift themselves out of poverty.

Provide Support


The call for nominations for the 2023 FAOBMB Entrepreneurship Award is now open!

Starting in 2014, the FAOBMB Entrepreneurship Award is given triennially to a biochemist or molecular biologist, in recognition of outstanding achievement in entrepreneurship in biochemistry or molecular biology, especially innovation and creativity in research or technology, and their translation to broader aspects.

Please submit nominations / applications found here no later than 15 May 2023 via email to:

mexec is a member of ASBMB and we are happy to support initiatives of our memberships.

Reach out to us to include your awards or event in our newsletter.

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Publications of Interest

Nature – Gut microbiome-wide association study of depressive symptoms

Nature – The next generation of evidence-based medicine

Evolutionary Biology and Gene Editing of Cat Allergen



Recent Events


mRNA Lecture 1

Sue attended the first of the series of 2023 mRNA Lecture Series that saw presenters explore the current IP, funding and manufacturing landscapes.  Insights into the future potential impacts of RNA based therapeutic modalities were outlined and offer exciting opportunities for new medical interventions.


Congratulations to the WILD Cohort 
Marilyn attended the 2023 launch on Thursday night. The Honourable Mary Wooldridge attended. It was great to see the growth of the program now a few years on and going National. Impressive women. I look forward to seeing them develop further in their careers.

Meet the 2023 WILD Cohort



Programs of Interest

ARCS Grow Program – Addresses the well documented shortage of Clinical Research Associates by using a three-pronged approach to increase skills 

ARCS Signature Program – For executives to build competency in providing a development framework for people with ambition for senior leadership

Praxis course and trainings – Special offer for mexec members


Upcoming events

Is your conference not listed here? mexec aims to be inclusive of conferences and events across the STEM sector in Australia for both academia and industry. Reach out to us if you are not listed and we are very happy to include your event.

PUP2023 HomePageBanner


Pathology Update 2023 
24 – 26 February 2023
Register Now
Screenshot 2023 02 20 215148Advancing Biologics R&D, Manufacturing, Technology & Innovation in Australia 
28 February – 1 March 2023
Register Now
Screenshot 2023 02 20 184623

KCA VIC Networking Event 
2 March 2023
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Screenshot 2023 02 20 183108CHICC Expert Workshop Series 
7 March 2023
Register Now
ASMSOCEventpagelogos1ASM Hour 
7 March 2023 – Monthly seminar held on the first
Tuesday of every month 
Register Now
a57dc17c7d764e56bb2dc51442a3866bWomen in Life Sciences Luncheon 
10 March 2023
Register Now
bioforumBioForum: Continuous Improvement – Strategy and Company Culture 
14 March 2023
Register Now
Screenshot 2023 02 20 183309Annual Australian Healthcare Week 
14 March 2023
Register Now
DHAC TGA strip logo black 600x151 1TGA’s Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Forum  
21 March 2023
Register Now
Screenshot 2023 02 20 215828SA Insight Series – Featuring Avance Clinical & Agilex   
23 March 2023
Register Now
Screenshot 2023 02 20 215828SA Insight Series – Featuring Fertilis
20 April 2023
Register Now
Screenshot 2023 02 20 220357Asia Pacific Vaccine and Immunotherapy Congress   
26-28 April 2023
Register Now
Screenshot 2023 02 20 220157National Telehealth Conference   
27-28 April 2023
Register Now
Screenshot 2023 02 20 220607BioPharmaDispatch Annual Conference 
15 May 2023
Register Now
Screenshot 2023 02 20 215828SA Insight Series – Featuring SAiGENCI
18 May 2023
Register Now
connecting women lunch imageConnecting Women Lunch 13 May 2022Sofitel Melbourne on CollinsRegister Now
ausmedtechAusMedtech 2023 
24-25 May 2023
Register Now
Screenshot 2023 02 20 220803MTAA Cyber Security Symposium  
30 May 2023
Register Now
Screenshot 2023 02 20 221103BIO International Convention
5-8 June 2023
Boston, MA
Marilyn will be there!
Register Now
dhf longDigital Health Festival 2023 
6-7 June 2023
Register Now
Screenshot 2022 09 10 235304ARCS Annual Conferences 2023 
6-8 June 2023
Register Now
Screenshot 2023 02 22 211733The Global Stem Cell Event
14 – 17 June 2023
Boston or Online
Register Now
Screenshot 2023 02 20 215828SA Insight Series – Featuring NovaEye
15 June 2023
Register Now
ASM2023logo2ASM National Meeting 2023 
3 – 6 July 2023
Register Now
Untitleddesign8CliniCon 2023 
6 – 7 July 2023
Register Now
Untitleddesign9EduCon 2023 
6 – 7 July 2023
Register Now
medinfo logo col white 119th World Congress on Medical and Health Informatics  
8-12 July 2023
Register Now
ANZSMS conference logo 29 2 300x266 1ANZSMS29 
9 – 13 July 2023
Register Now
Screenshot 2023 02 20 221454International Congress of Genetics 
16-21 July 2023
Register Now
Screenshot 2023 02 20 221315Bio Connections Australia 
24 July 2023
Register Now
Screenshot 2023 02 20 215828SA Insight Series – Featuring GPN Vaccines
27 July 2023
Register Now
Screenshot 2023 02 20 215828SA Insight Series – Featuring Advancell
17 August 2023
Register Now
Screenshot 2023 02 22 092044Tri-State  
8 – 10 September 2023
Register Now
22 – 25 October 2023
Register Now
Screenshot 2023 02 20 215828SA Insight Series – Featuring MicroX
26 October 2023
Register Now
Screenshot 2023 02 22 091706AusBiotech  
26 – 28 October 2023
Register Now
Screenshot 2023 02 18 182826AusBioInvest  
30 October 2023
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Screenshot 2023 02 20 183601MedTech23 Annual Conference  
30-31 October 2023
Register Now

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Links of Interest

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Yes, you can reheat food more than once. Here’s why

Gender pay equity dashboard

Pharmiweb (a mexec partner) – What a Candidate’s Body Language Says About Them

I’m Free! The exciting adventures of the adorable tiny radioactive capsule 

The Guardian – The human genome needs updating. But how do we make it fair?

How to take a full page screenshot 

The 8 Best to do List Apps in 2023

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Nick Wong #notonlyabioinformatician – rest in peace

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if we can be of assistance with your job search or executive recruitment. 

With best wishes,

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