To call or not to call? Here is the answer

As a recruiter, I am applying to jobs all the time. How does that work, you ask? I am competing against other agencies for the business of recruiting for organisations. Like many of you, I am continually going to interviews. Sometimes, I win the role; other times, I don’t. 


This week, I secured a role against six other agencies within 3 hours. How so? Because I picked up the phone and called the client within an hour of receiving their message. A ZOOM meeting followed 2 hours later, and I secured the business shortly after. 


It reminded me of a musing that I did a few years ago on candidates being very reluctant to pick up the phone when there is a number to ring on a job ad. 


Like with any call, I suggest that you always prepare. It’s always a bit daunting ringing someone that I don’t know much about, so I always read up on the company and check them out on LinkedIn as well. Do you do that for each of the roles you apply for? 


I have advertised several roles these last few weeks, and there have been VERY FEW phone calls. Why am I concerned? The roles all require phone calls and good communication skills as part of the job.


I have my phone number there for you. I am interested to know why you don’t call.


  1. Do you not think employers will reply? Since all the other employers haven’t so far, you have given up.
  2. Do you not like using the phone? You find email is less intrusive and easier anyway.
  3. Are you only applying for the job in case you look okay for the role and the ‘GODS’ will decide if it’s your lucky day? (The 100+ people that do this are wasting their time & ours).
  4. When you have reached out, you get a bot and would rather deal with a person, and it can take ½ hour to get an answer anyway. 
  5. Other reasons…? 

With COVID and not having staff in the office all the time, we may not always be able to take the call immediately. So please be patient, and please leave us a message. 


As a recruiter, I still like to receive a call. WE WILL REPLY– eventually. If we don’t, let us know & we will at least email you in response. If you check our website policy, I want to know if we don’t call you back. 

Hint – if you do, call. Please also email in follow-up. Eg. I called earlier; however, in following up, this is my question… 


I speak to many candidates who complain that employers don’t bother calling them back or that they can never get onto the person they need to. If the number is there, I do encourage you to try at least, as then they may have your name and can be reminded of who you are when reviewing applications. 


It can make a difference. I often interview on the spot and have filled roles from those who call – so be prepared for an interview.


By the way, I had someone who called last week for a role, and I was able to progress his application that day. Not only did I assess his communication skills as excellent, but he was also quietly confident and capable of answering all my questions. Tick, Tick, Tick. He is now in second-round interviews… 


I will let you know next time if he did get the role… 

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