News Update #2

If you are connected with me on LinkedIn you will note that I have started a tip of the week. These tips relate to incidents that week. Included this week are a few of the tips to keep in mind, and some links to events & articles that I find interesting.

Employer & Job Search Tips Employers Hiring new staff and unsure of your obligations? See the Governments new checklist for Employers

On a budget and want to motivate your staff? See Andrew Beveridge’s article

I find this online magazine very helpful with regards to the latest in HR policy HR Daily

Job Seekers Please RING if there is a phone number on the advert for a role.The client/recruiter puts it there for a reason. It will help to know more about the role and if it is really worth applying to. I recently advertised for a client and had over 50 applicants and JUST 2 calls. Yes I know, sometimes no one calls you back, however most times I would “hope” your name has been kept on file to show that you made an effort. It is more likely that the employer files you into theYes/Review list not the NO list.

When applying to roles please put your fullname in the file name eg MarilyJones.doc. So many times I receive just CV.doc. Who is CV? Additionally, send the CV and cover letter together in one file. You are more likely for them to stay together in the databases of the recruiters/hirers. If they are not filed together they may be separated and never been seen

Lastly, if the advert asks for a cover letter, it is important to include one. I receive so many applications that don’t, when I specifically ask for one. It tells me you really can’t be that bothered to take the time to investigate the role, so why should I be interested in you?

Websites & Articles of interest The Conversation A very informative free newsletter

The Cheeky Scientist Lots of information for Scientists and everyone, with job search tips

Did you know a recent study has shown that Fructose and therefore too many soft drinks may affect our brain and memory? Interesting article in GEN daily online free magazine

Speaking of LinkedIn. I thought this article was quite good on the best way to use it as a career tool

Upcoming events of interest Melbourne Knowledge Week Many interesting functionsNEW SERVICE Executive Candidate Search Support Missed out on an opportunity because you did not know about it?

Wish to move jobs however just too busy to search for roles?

Travel extensively with your job and don’t have the time to keep an eye on the job market?

Hire us to do the role searching & market research for you.

Contact us to find out more on this boutique service.

Please let me know if you come across something that you think others may like to know about too. Kind regards, Marilyn

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