mexec Clear Vision For The Future

Here at mexec, we pride ourselves on being specialists in the life science, medtech, pharmaceutical & technology sectors. We must remain at the top of our game to maintain our prominent position within the industry. With this goal in mind, the entire mexec team gathered in Melbourne recently to refine our vision of mexec’s future and our impact within the industry. 

We were led by Rick de Paiva from You Who; the mexec team was guided through many exercises to get us thinking outside the box. We explored where mexec began, where we are today and our future goals for the business.

“It was great to all meet up as a team, in person, and reflect on where mexec has come from, how we have grown, and that we have all been a big part of it” – Clarissa Merrigan, Recruitment Administrator, mexec.

As the saying goes, “A picture says a thousand words”. This was embodied during one of the exercises where we had to pick an image that we felt represented how we see the business and then again to represent how our clients and candidates see us. Seeing and hearing how our colleagues view us and our understanding of our industry relationships was exciting and valuable.

This activity had us primed for the next stage, where we started writing down keywords and phrases that represented us, the industry, our services, and our goals. Through this activity, it was beautiful to see that the mexec team already had a unified vision for the company and where we are headed. But distilling this into our new purpose statement has been clarifying and motivating beyond expectations.

We are pleased to share that mexec’s purpose statement is: Connecting People For Success.

Some may be thinking, ‘Why have a clarity day?’. We are proud of our accomplishments and impact on the industry so far. But that doesn’t mean we want to sit on our laurels and never continue to improve or grow beyond the here and now! The industry and the world are forever changing. This means we must be dynamic and proactive to stay relevant and ahead of the curve. Focusing on working as a unified team with the same vision and purpose is the first step in achieving that goal.

“Listening to the team’s thoughts on these points was insightful and highly productive. It was the best way forward as a company and clarified how mexec can continue our vision of ‘Connecting People For Success” – Marilyn Jones, Director, mexec.

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