Leadership and Culture - The 13 Day Jobs of Marilyn Jones

mexec memo June 2021

If the 2020 word of the year was ‘pandemic’ then surely for 2021 it would have to be ‘perseverance.’ Across the industry I’ve seen companies

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christmas tile

mexec memo December 2020

2020 – what an interesting year it’s been! It’s been wonderful to see the industry working together on diagnostics, vaccines, medicines and technology to help

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Mexec Memo May 2020

mexec memo May 2020

Hello from self isolation! To say a lot has happened since our last quarterly newsletter is an understatement but it has been encouraging to see

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Fresh Start

News Update #1

Welcome to mexec careers News Update and brand new website I would like to keep you informed, and link you to information that I find

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News Update

News Update #2

If you are connected with me on LinkedIn you will note that I have started a tip of the week. These tips relate to incidents

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