Recruiters Behaving Badly

Recently, I heard more bad recruiter stories from candidates searching for new roles. When recruiters behave badly it damages all recruiter brands, the company brand (including yours, if you’re hiring) and the candidate brand (you, if you’re job searching). You may like to think that everyone is ethical and there to help you. Alas, that … Read more

To cover or not to cover…

I am often asked if a cover letter is still important for applications. Some employers no longer ask for them however I always do, as do most of the companies I work with. I particularly like them for a number of reasons: It shows you have taken the time to look at the role and … Read more

Too much or too little..

In Australia we use the words CV and resume interchangeably but there are some differences between the two, writes experienced recruiter Marilyn Jones. In my last blog I talked about what not to do in your CV or resume. But do you know the difference between the two? In Australia we use the words CV … Read more

No, not that way.. this way..

Over the many years of my career in recruitment, and now in my own company, I have regularly presented seminars for groups on how to write a CV and undertake job searches in today’s market. A candidate’s recent feedback to me was, ‘it was nice to hear about what ‘not to do’ as there seemS … Read more

How do you take a no?

So, you get to interview for a great role. You are really excited about this opportunity. You think you are the perfect match! The hiring manager then calls me, and I have to tell you that unfortunately you were not successful in progressing to the next step, or getting the role. How do you react? … Read more

2 not 20

The best way to meet people is through other people. At least that is what I believe. Last time we talked on the importance of networking and that you are actually interviewing and being interviewed all the time. Networking can lead to many long-term meaningful friendships, mentors and support, that are also beneficial to develop … Read more

Noo Not networking..

Does the thought of networking make you go cold? Does it conjure up bad memories, or you just don’t know what to say to start the conversation? Have you had people trying to sell you something on the first conversation? Or are you daunted and intimidated by the fact that you are a junior and … Read more

Beware the would..

While you can’t prepare for all interview questions, it’s best to be prepared for as many as you can. You can make educated guesses and at least start to prepare answers that are relevant to areas the employer might be looking for, that are in the position description. Firstly, review the ‘required expertise’, ‘qualities’ and/or … Read more

One legged race

Recently a friend was asked to go for a ‘chat’ about a new role. The hiring manager said it was just to get to know them better. Unfortunately, it was not. It ended up being a full-on behavioural interview that went for over an hour. My friend felt betrayed by the hiring manager as the … Read more