mexec memo March 2024

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Welcome to our first newsletter for the year. The year has started off at a sprint and we at mexec are looking forward to a productive and busy year. Check out our list of conferences near the end of the newsletter. Its extensive, but if you are like me, it’s great to be able to finally plan … Read more

mexec memo November 2023

WILD AusBiotech newsletter

Dare I say, it’s only 35 days till Christmas! This will be our last memo for the year, and it’s full of the last few month’s events that we have attended and also profiles Marilyn’s new memberships with KCA and PDA. Being connected to the ecosystem is something that we believe sets mexec apart, and these partnerships help … Read more

mexec memo August 2023

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This month’s newsletter is jam-packed with events that the mexec team have been involved in, as well as an ever-increasing list of events to keep in mind as we head towards, and into, 2024. Skills development and labour shortages are on the agenda at BioMelbourne’s upcoming BioForum: Bridging the Talent Gap – Fostering a skilled … Read more

Growing Your Network

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Guest Blog by Mark Thomas It’s no secret of recruitment that your network has tremendous value. Through building your personal and professional networks, you can create a lasting, tangible asset to develop your career further.  ‘Networking’ is commonly used to describe the activities and interactions we undertake to establish new connections, exchange knowledge and information, … Read more

mexec Clear Vision For The Future

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Here at mexec, we pride ourselves on being specialists in the life science, medtech, pharmaceutical & technology sectors. We must remain at the top of our game to maintain our prominent position within the industry. With this goal in mind, the entire mexec team gathered in Melbourne recently to refine our vision of mexec’s future … Read more

mexec memo May 2023

Mexec Memo May 2023

It’s been a busy few months here at mexec as functions and conferences get back into full swing after COVID lockdowns. Sometimes it feels like things are back to ‘normal’, but then you see a mask or two which remind you again of the times we have been through together. I attended the recent BioMelbourne … Read more

Own Your Wealth Of Experience


We have several candidates in the latter years of their working life that we assist at mexec who raise the concern of ageism when considering a job opportunity and preparing their application.  My advice is always to own your wealth of experience; don’t try to hide it. Sometimes, we can be our own worst enemy … Read more

mexec memo February 2023

February 2023

Happy new year… Ok, I know it’s nearly March, but if we haven’t caught up yet, then its ok to say! I feel like we are starting to return to normal… ie not so reactive, we can start to plan. Do you feel the same? I have candidates applying to roles and calling me. At … Read more

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